Replace your broken I phone 3 screen for less than $20.00 in less than 1hr.

Forget the old way of replacing the broken I phone 3 screen without the frame! You can now purchase the glass screen with the frame, much, much easier and a better way to fix the broken screen.

Purchase the screen and frame here: Pre-installed Kit : Apple iPhone 3G Lcd Glass Screen Cover + Touch Screen Digitizer + Frame + Home Flex Button + Ear Speaker + Tool + Cleaning Cloth

1) Remove the bottom two screws

2) Use the suction cup to remove the old glass(carefully!)

3) Disconnect the connectors(Carefully)

4) Remove the side screws from the frame/glass.

5) Carefully remove the old glass and frame from the LCD.

6) Install the new glass and frame around the LCD.

7) Re-connect the connectors to the glass/LCD.

8) Re-install the two screws at the bottom of the I-Phone.

9) Turn On.

10) If I phone does not turn on the connectors may not be connected properly.